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Originally Posted by GlarryHoodDIT View Post
Why do you keep referring to DAM (Dynamic Advance Multiplier) in the plural? It's one parameter.

A catless J by itself does not cause DAM to drop, DAM drops are from Knock and nothing else. I dont know what you're going on about with EWGs and recirculating air back to the atmosphere, you seem to be conflating the knock control and boost control systems together...

OP, just ignore the entire post above mine basically.

DAM drops because your car experienced a significant knock event. In order to raise the DAM back up you need to drive through the same loads/rpm ranges where knock originally appeared without the ECU detecting knock again. Once this happens x amount of times your ECU will raise the DAM. If its consistent at .875 it's probably not gas, it's probably the timing scheme is a little too advanced for your car in whatever range the knock is occurring. You can either get an E or Pro Tune or live with not running the most amount timing advance possible, which means less power. FWIW, I get occassional DAM drops from cruise all the time. Typically it takes a few highway drives to get the DAM to raise back up.
Thnx for the reply. To add on to this post, car is stock with namless muffler delets. I went to a different chevron gas station and filled up. (Yes with 93 oct.. that's what's here in texas)

Still experiencing fine lock learn events every single half throttle through each gear.

I dont believe my car like the MAP ots tunes. I will be switching back to Cobb ots tune since I did not experience these types of events with them.

DAM still at .875
Still experiencing -2's fine knock learn events (typically after boost hits above 3-4psi)

I will update this post with Cobb ots tune results and I think I will make an opinionated post about MAP ots tunes...
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