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BugI w/ 07 STi Swap


We've swapped the fuel tank harness on both complete WRX to STi swaps that we've done... once you swap over EVERYTHING then it all plugs in . Its a bitch though. One of the cars we did was a wagon and that did require some splicing though... but I wasn't the one who did that so I'm not the pro on that subject. WKDerf is the one who did that, so anyone who needs this info specifically can PM him

And if you are doing a complete swap including engine, wiring, ecu then no you dont need a tune right away if you dont have any fuel or intake mods.
If you are doing a STi motor and keeping your original WRX wiring and WRX ECU then you MUST GET TUNED IMMEDIATELY. I highly discourage trying to drive on this setup without at least reflashing with RomRaider to adjust your injector size properly. Remember that your WRX expects to see 440cc injectors and if you do an STi swap you will actually have 550cc injectors... meaning you're going to run ~25% rich... eek.
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