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Originally Posted by Homemade WRX View Post
no basically that if you are pushing the 800 limit you need a built 6-spd

the 'found' limit of the stock 6-spd gears seem to be around 700-800 area. Of course I don't know if anyone has done cryo/REM treatment to them and seen how much/if it helps. I'm thinking about tearing down my 6-spd to have this done.

I'll see how I like the treatment as I'm doing it to my RA 5-spd box for my DD. I'm also doing a case strengthening project with that trans. Trying to help knock out the flex.
700 800 What? puppies?

Originally Posted by mtcs View Post
Think you got it backwards...

The helical gears sends torque down the shaft as well as apart(separative force). These forces are known as axial and radial thrust. Straight cut gears only produce radial thrust.
The 5mt case is designed to hold axial. That's is the reason behind the huge thrust bearings in it. Straight cut negates the thrust and their purpose which in turn
puts all the load on the case. Result = shatter

SubeTek, you must be a damn good driver if you romp on your 5mt with the two step and it keeps going no problems. I'm so rough with my transmissions. serves me right they always break on me. lol

It is just not a good idea to use the 5mt case if you intend to drag on it regularly. Especially if you are planning to hit those sweet 9s. After my break-in is done on my build, I intend to switch to a long 6-speed.
IIRC Dom said helical gears are stronger than straigh cut, there is too much play on straigh cut gears. PPG helical are only rated at 400 puppies which is very low. My built DS1 stock ratio tranny built tranny is been holding quite well probably 460wtq dynojet 400wtq Airboy, 6-puck and all . Funny thing on my receipt in the item number says Albins 1-5. I asked them about it and they said is their gear set not Albins, which I do not believe... \/ same story haha

this guys went 9 sec on their suby with a 5-speed, they used to said that it was their own gear set now it says that it is albins
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