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Originally Posted by fredzy View Post
Ah ok. Seemed like you thought I wanted to get rid of my WRX because it's not exciting or appealing enough. I'm 100% content with its looks and performance.

WRX bro-boy image is a definite con of ownership for me, but practically I'm most disappointed by quality and reliability. Whew, pretty freeing to say that out loud.

I'm sort of proud of Mitsu for how reliable the EVO turned out to be. If it had folding rear seats I probably would have bought one in 2013/14 and still be driving it now.
Here, the bro-boy image of the fat bearded vaping dude (which still exists) has been taken over by the lanky trimmed beard millenial who wouldn't know how to change a tire.

If it had folding seats and a 6 spd manual I'd own the EVO X now and it would be in the garage, even with the cheap FE seats. I was real close to buying one. If a damn solid 6 spd manual in the aftermarket was available back then I would have bought one. So easy to mod and make solid reliable power. The lack of folding rear seats (plus the crap they relocated to the trunk), the lack of a 6 spd (5spd, really?) manual, and the sound deadening were deal breakers but it was really the lack of a 6 spd. I could fix the sound deadening and live with the rear seats. And I hate sedans! But I think it looks excellent, still love the lines and front end.
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