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Originally Posted by Brahmzy View Post
This isnít even worth discussion. Decade old broad knowledge Subaru seats are utter crap. Forester is the worst.
My Ď04 WRX &í05 STI & Ď05 LGT seats sucked and just about every other Subaru Iíve owned or driven. Common knowledge. Neighbors, family, hundreds of forum members etc.
Pointless to defend on this one. Iíve had discussions with my dealer and theyíve heard tons of complaints about seat comfort - even had customers trade in their vehicles because of it. Iíve even personally heard customers bring it up while I was there.
Iíve been tempted to ditch the Forester because we do routine 4-5hr road trips and itís just brutal in that car. My XTerra was like cloud 9 in comparison, and thatís saying something.
Last gen Forester seats sucked, but not sure I'd say Subaru seats suck. The new gen seats seem good, and our 2012 Outback seats are very comfortable. Our 2002 WRX seats seemed fine, for an econobox.
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