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Default OT: My PS2's RIP and I dunno what to do!!!

OK, so about 1.5 months ago my PS2 was dead, I could not restart nor eject the CD-tray so I took it to Game Square (that store in RPM, I know I know, that place sux, even my friends said so but I bought my games there) and let them have a look, they said somethings blown and they couldn't fix it, ok, wasted a few weeks there. Then I ask my firend to recommand me a place where they'll fix it for me, he said Poptoy in good, they take your machine to some shop to fix it for you, so last week I took my PS2 there and let them have a look. I called them yesterday to see if I have any updates, they said there's no screen and they couldn't eject the CD tray (yes, that's the reason why I took it to fix). They said it might be the chip's problem (it's modded) and they can take it apart to check, so I said yes. I call them today, they said the chip aparently affected the motherboard as well, I ask them how much it is to replace the motherboard, they said it's around a $100. So now I'm starting to worry, they said they can fix my motherboard for $20 but it might not last long till it'll blow again so they suggest me to trade in my busted PS2 in EB and just get a new one but I don't want to get a slim cuz they have this design flaw in the laser that scratches your CDs. They said it cost $150 to mod (rip off...). They said I can bring it to Sony in Po-Co to fix it there but the problem is I bought my PS2 in HK and there's no warrenty but it's an U.S version so they said they can take the chip out and pretend it's the real deal. I'm so frustrated, I don't know what to do. My question is, should I trade my PS2 and get a new PS2 slim and mod it?? If so are there any places other then Poptoy that mods at a decent price and also have good chips?? Are there any places that still sells regular PS2?? Should I replace the whole motherboard instead of getting a new one?? Are there any other stores that repairs PS2?? Is my PS2 even repairable?! I'm so confused, I don't know much about PS2s, please help this young newbie, thanks.
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