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When you go to a dealer, ask for a history on the car. At 85k, it is certainly possible that the transmission has already been changed. Ours was done at 53k miles. (note, we're at about 101k now with no additional problems). Ask what you should do for the transmission, which I'd guess they'll say "nothing".

As for oil burning, before you leave, following an oil change, check the oil level. Then check it maybe every 1k miles. If the engine is going through enough oil to potentially be a candidate for the oil consumption test, you won't make it 2000 miles without noticing a drop on the dip stick. If you do see that, take it in and tell them what you see. What I would tend to do is to bring it in right before you'd normally get the oil changed as they do give you a free oil change in the test.

What I found is that the oil light would go on before my oil change interval arrived (5k for me) and I'd have to add at least a quart. Fortunately, the F engines simply give you a low oil light, unlike the EJ engines where an oil light means "You've lunched your engine".
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