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Nice Ed! Good to see you're branching out the EQ brand, hopefully the EQ quality can be upheld. Knowing you I'm sure you won't settle for anything less

Sorry but I'm about to clutter your thread some more... Call me an "EQ fanboi"

Originally Posted by PAImportTuner View Post
Although I hate trolling I agree with Phatron..
Ray @ Turbotek charges $189($150 sale last month) I can't see ME or someone else paying that much for e-tune. All it is, is emailing the logs/map back and forth til it is right. Then $60 later for 3 AWD dyno runs at a local shop, you can't beat that!

$350-400 is what I pay for a dyno tune at Area1320 or Evans tuning.
What do you think actual dyno tuning does that is so different from remote tuning? It's all in the tuner and how much time he feels like spending sending maps back and forth. Some tuners feel a couple of revisions is good enough, others want the tune to be perfect. I feel the main difference with remote tuning compared to road tuning with Ed is you won't have Ed's troubleshooting in-car should something not go right. With Ed onboard he can feel every little detail during driving and fix/adjust it, I feel that aspect is lost in a remote tune. Also, with EQ remote tunes you can save your $60, or $75 if you want A/F, since Ed has his own dyno software!

Originally Posted by PAImportTuner View Post
Okay your FOI, It's not my opinion. Your talking about quality of tune and think your better since you charge more? Ray is great at tuning Subarus his results from e-tune beat most of the these other dyno "pro tuned" setups for half the price. I would say he is on par with Jorge Carrillo. Matter of fact there are only 4 tuners that will ever touch any cars I own.
Ray Arroyo
Jorge Carillo
Ryan of 1320
Jeff Evans of Evans Tuning

Here are results/graphs and info just some of the recent tunes.
Dyno Graphs:

Anyone paying more than $250(if that) for an e-tune is crazy. If your putting down 400+hp while pushing 95+% IDC you might as well have it on the dyno with a controlled cooling area.

Do you even live on the West Coast? If not you really shouldn't be commenting on the quality of tuners we have here. I have used 5 different "reputable" tuners here in California/Arizona/Nevada. It's a joke what people think are "good tunes".

Ed is confident in his tuning ability and feels his quality of work is valued at a certain price, why does that make you insecure? Did you really need to name drop other tuners in EQ's announcement thread(granted this should probably be in vendor announcements and not PPB)? You seem to think more power=good tune. What about driveability? Idling? Attention to detail? Peace of mind? There are a lot more variables to a good complete tune that a dyno doesn't show. If you haven't experienced an EQ tune why are you even commenting on Ed's prices or his quality of tunes? I never liked remote tuning, but if Ed stands behinds these remote tunes as he does his road tunes then I'm sure he'll do just fine. Quit crapping in his thread and go start your own about free e-tunes

How many dyno setups do you know have a controlled cooling area that can simulate 100-120mph aero? I can count on 1 hand the places I know, but then again I'm not tight with all those uber tuners.

Originally Posted by Phatron View Post
so now price = quality ?

that was kinda insulting.
From what I've seen 70% of the time, yes, you get what you pay for. This is a free market, people are always welcome to lowball or value their time less, doesn't necessarily mean you get an inferior product. I sell a ton of "made in China" parts and even more parts from American companies. Price is usually directly related to not just quality, but service too. Everyone has their own opinion of at what price is the quality a good value. But the market will balance itself out, eventually.
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