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OMGHi2U Third motor: SOHC/DOHC hybrid, Delta Cams...

So last summer, I installed a used motor (83K) to replace the original (200K mile) motor after resealing it (HG, cam/crank seals, etc.) I installed Delta's mild reground cams and saw an increase in power. However, the motor never idled right, and kept throwing a CEL for misfires. I replaced and checked numerous components and never found an answer.

Well, with about 83K + 5K on the clock, the motor started knocking bad. I had taken the car to the store, driven home, and parked, with no issues. I went back out to the car 10 minutes later, started it up, and got some bad noise. I checked fluids, oil was a little low but nothing to be concerned about. Noise persisted after letting the motor cool down. I wonder if the motor dying was related to me never finding a good idle or the recurring CELs. =\

So, I decided that I was tired of screwing with this motor that had never really worked right, and called around to see what my options were.

I'm going to be pulling that motor later this week and taking it to my local machine shop, whose owner is a Subaru enthusiast. He has a built 2.5L in his sandrail. He just happened to have a freshly rebuilt 2.5L SOHC block sitting around. I talked to him for a bit about my options, and he's going to bolt my DOHC heads with the Delta cams onto the rebuilt SOHC block, which he said would raise compression by about a half of a point.

He will also be using by DOHC block as a core credit, and giving me some credit for my first motor that had rod knock. Should have a freshly rebuilt motor with the valves adjusted for my cams for under 1K.

I'll be using new seals, DOHC 4-layer head gaskets, and having the heads totally reworked with new valve stem seals, valve grind, and checking/adjusting the lash for the Delta cams. I will be reusing the head bolts that were new 5K ago.

I'm really hoping not to run into any problems, and that this motor will give me a long life with a bit more pep over my old setup. I'm not sure what to expect as far as power, but I am guessing for just a little bit more all over.

Are there any problems with my planned setup, or anything I need to watch out for? My original goal when I installed the cams was to keep this as my daily driver. I feel like since I've been able to drive it maybe 5 months in the past year, that idea has gone out the window a little bit, so I'm venturing away from the 'mostly OE' mindset.

Wish me luck!
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