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Except for using as a performance fuel, e85 is a joke. Being that it is 30% less effective at making power, you end up spending more per mile than premium 91 octane.
It is also cheaper per mile in many areas, it saves me $750 a year in fuel costs.
It makes consistently more power so you are totally wrong!

E85 BTU adjusted price is a public relations scam to deceive the gullible public and to protect big oils interests. It has been common knowledge for 10 years that the entire concept is bogus but the public relations morons keep trotting it out because they are technologically illiterate.E85 BTU adjusted price is one of the most idiotic concepts every foisted on the consumer, you can take it as a sign that any web page that pushes that concept is either incompetent or in big oils pocket. Fuel economy does not track with fuel energy per gallon it tracks with engine efficiency. Since E85 is a superior fuel it produces more useful work per BTU of available fuel energy.

These are the numbers from my first E85 conversion on the stock turbo. As you can see there is very little lost in miles per gallon and a definite gain in absolute fuel efficiency (ie miles/BTU). In states where the public is getting a fair price for E85 (ie not getting gouged) it saves the driver a considerable amount of money.

Old setup stock turbo -
gasoline milage Gasoline 125,000 Btu/ gallon / 24mpg = 5208 BTU/mile
My old setup, @ 92% of gasoline milage or 22 mpg
E85 90,500 BTU/gallon/22 = 4114 BTU/mile
E85 uses 78% of fuel energy to travel a mile compared to gasoline.

Now it the OEM manufactures would just produce a FFV that is half as efficient as back yard tuners can produce in a couple hours, we could actually get some where with it.

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