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Originally Posted by PVNRT View Post
Is this the first time the car was pushed a bit? Did tuner raise boost pressure vs what you had before? Sounds like ignition, but you never really know until you start replacing parts. I would start with new spark plugs maybe one step colder and properly gapped. Make sure coils have a firm connection to plugs....maybe add a touch of dielectric grease and then zip tie them on tight. If that doesn't help I would look for a loose ground and then look for boost leaks. Can be as simple as a torn intake at this mileage. Hopefully you did normal maintanence such as fuel filter before the dyno tune. Making more power than designed for will always have these hiccups unless you take the car off the road and do all normal maintenance first.
Have pushed the car before, but it was 2 years ago that it was on a dyno last. Definitely agree that its most likely ignition. Changed the fuel filter a couple months ago and the oil right before the tune.

Tuner upped the boost a little but most of the map changes were for ignition and fueling. They never experienced any misfiring or issues when it was on the dyno for the power runs and they street tested it that night as well I guess. Only seemed to have issues after I got home off the Highway and got gas.

Have added water remover to the tank just to see if that helps. And I have 2 new maf sensors at home so gonna give that a shot just to see tonight.

If not I'll order new coils just for piece of mind and replace the plugs.
Not thinking its a boost leak as they smoke tested it before the dyno and only found one vacuum nipple leaking and fixed that. And a weld on the intercooler piping that was fixed as well.
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