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Originally Posted by Charlie-III View Post
As an aside, I have used Gates kits with "made in Japan" parts as well as "made in China" parts on mostly NA Subaru of various years.
The only failure I have had thus far was a smooth belt guide made by Koyo in Japan. Fortunately, I had to go back in a year after install to do cam and crank seals and found the guide was stiff and wearing the belt.
I replaced most of the kit and am waiting for a warranty claim determination from Gates.

So while "made in China" may put off peeps, I have only had a "made in Japan" failure to this point.
I have done over 20 Subaru TB's, some even the next replacement.
Last was an 05 Outback at the shop I work at PT (few days ago). Kit must have been old stock, all parts were "made in Japan".

I also now "pull the pin" on the tensioner and then bleed per the newer instructions provided in the kit.
I won't argue with success. Any part can fail.

Free to a good home. 2000 Outback. The tensioner actually has a Japanese bearing but I could not find the markings the OEM had on the tensioner.

I just hope that if the day comes when China starts making quality parts that I'm not too jaded to recognize it.
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