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Subaru tunes from the factory run a lot of timing in low load ranges and low rpm. Cobb and a lot of tuners don't mess with these ranges much and because you can make boost at such a low rpm in 6th I would expect thats the problem.

The issue you describe can be tuned out if you wanted to. I'm not sure it is really a harmful issue though based on what you have described. Personally from my stand point I would not be going WOT at such low rpm and in 6th gear. In the instance of an automatic transmission it would have downshifted long before, and you should to. You are putting extra stress on the motor and are well out side of the power curve.

If you do what you described enough the car will learn to automatically pull timing in that load and rpm range (self tune). As long as the amount of knock heard is low enough the IAM/DAM will stay at 1 and the fine knock correction you are seeing will simply do its job and pull a little timing out.

To fix the issue log rpm, calculated load, and FBKC. Remove some timing in the load and rpm ranges that are hearing knock. AFR should also be looked at and possibly adjusted if needed.

Originally Posted by mrtimroxass View Post
When reading live data on my AP, in 6th gear WOT from around ~2500 rpm i can generate a feedback knock correction of -2.4 or more. But in 4th gear starting from 3000 rpm, WOT, no knock is seen, also same applies to any gear starting at a mid range rpm. My question is what causes the knock seen in a high gear WOT starting from a low rpm? If it my matters, my DAM stays at 1. My mods are: tbe, 44mm EWG, ebcs, fuel pump and protuned.
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