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Default I require assistance :)

The O2 Sensor Connector came in and I drove around for half an hour before my idle got rough, the RPM floated below 600 and jumped up past 1000, then back down to 600 etc. I didn't notice any oil leaks and thought there wasn't enough fluid or something. The red oil pressure light flickered and then my car died right at the entrance to an oil change place; they topped it off and I drove it home (I know, not my best idea, but it was ~5 miles). Mechanic said my oil smelled kind of sweet and suggested it was maybe a head gasket issue. I bought new gaskets and patiently awaited their arrival.

I replaced the motor oil again bc I like wasting money, made sure it was all at normal levels on a cold engine, and started the car (I mostly did this to check if I effed my engine up by possibly driving with not enough fluid. No metal in the pan. Good, I think!). It started just fine, no rough idle, no weird sounds or smoke. I drove to a car wash place just to get miles on the recently-disconnected battery so I could smog the car soon (I had tried smogging the car previously, but it didn't have enough miles after I changed the battery. It passed everything else!). I begin to pull out of the parking lot and the same flickering oil light came on. White smoke coming from the hood. I pop the hood and look for the cause and the smoke was coming from the power steering pump. I bought a new gasket and patiently awaited its arrival.

I thought maybe it was because I put too much tranny fluid or something (I accidentally did), but the fluid levels for everything else were normal. I don't think a power-steering pump leak would cause weird fluctuations in the motor oil pressure like that, nor too much tranny fluid, so I did some research and a thread on here referenced what seemed to be the same problem, and it was the OEM oil pickup failing. I bought a Moroso Oil Pickup and yadda yadda.

Fast forward to now, I pulled the oil pan off and noticed all of this:

The whole bottom portion of the engine where the oil sits, the baffle, and parts of the oil pickup were nice and crispy.

I took a closer look at the welds on the OEM oil pickup and didn't see any noticeable gaps or holes.

The oil pan also had this cracked piece, so I ordered a new pan, too.

My new Moroso Oil Pickup ready for installation:

The new pan is coming in next Wednesday and I was hoping for some insight to see if this project car is worth pursuing some more or if I'm a complete dunce and messed my car up beyond repair.
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