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Default flashing CEL under WOT, jerking-stutter, white smoke

Car is a 99 forester with an 02 wrx engine stage 2 tuned ebcs

Hey guys, my cars been driving beautifully up until this afternoon when I tried opening it up on my way home it started jerking/stuttering under acceleration but it still had power, the first time I didnt get a flashing CEL but the second time it flashed for about 15-30 seconds until I came to a stop. When I went to start driving again the flashing CEL went away. The car drives perfectly normal when not under heavy load, I can even give it some boost and it will act normal. I drove for about another 45 mins with no other hiccups but also not going into wot. When I got home I noticed that there is some white smoke coming out of the exhaust (not a lot but enough to notice., but it doesnt smell sweet or anything, smells more like what I would describe as bad gas or something. The only thing of note is I have been slowly losing coolant for a couple months now but the oil is fine and this is the first time I've seen white smoke. Also the weather got pretty cold for the first time last night but the car seemed to be running fine this morning. Does this ring any bells for any of you? I've been reading and it sounds like possibly bad spark plugs/coils or bad gas, not sure how the white smoke ties into this though. Any help or guidance is appreciated.
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