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Originally Posted by Delilah_WRX View Post
Happy thanksgiving all! I have a question. I am having a dilemma here. My car (2017 WRX MT) makes a knocking noise when in gear and under a light load (10-20 percent throttle), or when the clutch is depressed when revving. Noise is only from about 2-3k. If i rev the car in neutral with the clutch out, no noise at all. No loss in power, no DAM drop or Fbk/fnl and afrs are perfect. Just drove it 1000 miles and once again, not a single count of knock for the whole trip. Subaru has had the trans apart twice (once to replace the clutch/flywheel/tob and the second to replace the clutch fork). I am assuming that it must be clutch/trans related because the oil looks good and has been changed every 3k with motul xclean 5w30.

Tldr: i can rev the car in neutral, no noise. Push in the clutch and rev, knocking noise. Drive the car in gear and light load, tapping/rattling noise. Any ideas or past experience? Going to take to a shop when I get back but just thought id post up here

Also car is mechanically stock
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