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Originally Posted by KillerBMotorsport View Post
You'll see some additional lag with a FMIC. how much is anyone's guess, but probably not a lot. FMIC will be beneficial depending on where you are on the compressor map (how hard are you pushing the turbo).
I'll be pushing what my GS TMIC is capable of for street and lapping capabilities in 85F+ weather at that point or shortly after anyway so the added cooling ability of a FMIC is going to be needed.

Originally Posted by KillerBMotorsport View Post
The Tial and Garrett V-Band housings are on par performance wise (not tested, just what I've heard), but IIRC they do have difference geometry in regards to the v-band and in/out location.
That's why I said I'll either get the kit or fabricate my own depending on which direction I go. If it's the Total then the kit will do just fine, if it's the Garrett then I'll have to fab up my own.

Originally Posted by KillerBMotorsport View Post
You thinking AMS intake manifold? I'd strongly recommend waiting on more independent testing/results on that one. From my understanding, you really see a benefit at very high power/flow numbers. Not really anywhere near where a 3067 would put you. If anything, I would consider going to the plastic WRX manifold as the smaller runner/bigger plenum would provide improved response AND better power.
Power band is already from ~4500 on up and we're hoping to hold it to 8500 already. This is a no AVCS 2L revving to the moon. I'm not interested in low RPM torque. So the PW intake or the AMS (currently the one I'm looking at) is going to be the route I go. The intake and FMIC are more so early upgrades for the real upgrade after this testing which will be a G series turbo. Which will be at least the 660. If they come out with a G30 at that time I'll be going with that and it's 9000rpm or bust. This 2 stage test is really for grins to see what the actual real life benefits of going through the cost of running an EWG setup with a Tial/Garrett housing actually gets you and to see how far a GTX3067 can be pushed on pump gas. Cause after that I'm ripping out the GTX and fabing what I need to for the G.

It'll be fun and a good test of what gets you what. I'm all for learning so it'll be insightful and I don't really see it as a waste of money as I'll be keeping everything but the turbo after it's all done. We'll see how it goes, for all I know I might just wait and just strait to the G series lol.
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