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2012 Impreza Sport


Originally Posted by bankmaggot View Post
I have an '02 Si now. Put 100k in 5 years. The only reason I'm looking at the new one is because mine has ran flawless and I wanted to test ride all options before going all in on the Impreza. Love the handling of the Impreza. Not too crazy on the look unless it's decked out like I optioned it. I'm not in it for the performance either. I'm perfectly happy with the Impreza.

Reliability wise, I think the Civic will outlast the Impreza bar none. The engine and tranny on the Si, just sings along and doesn't skip a beat. I've always been on a Honda fan. I like Subie's too.

I don't NEED the Limited, just that for ~+$700, you get alot like dual zone and leather, kind of a no brainer. I'm not sure how you got yours for 21.2k. That's less than invoice.
oh yea, i am a major honda fan. reason why i did get an STi is because i have a honda S2000 in my garage. silverstone 2006. if your not in it for the perfomance why the si and not the lx or accord. well not so sure on the reliability. on the old EJ engines the head gasket and the timing belt were maintenance items that needed to be changed out. but on the new engines, the HG was redesigned to not breakdown at 100K and the belt had been replaced by a chain. so they should be relatively reliable. also, this is the na model, so no turbo failure, and no ringland failure. this is my first subaru is my asian community. when i told people what i was going to buy, i told them i wanted a subaru; they asked me what brand makes that. i loled.

21,200 is what i got for it. along with a couple of nice accessories like rear cargo tray, back seat protector, rear bumper protector and aero kit. BTW i didnt asked for these things, there were already on the car. but this was when impreza were fairly new and it wasn't unheard of to get buy it under invoice. now, scince they are selling like hot cakes, dealers are no longer selling under invoice, why lose money. it also takes a good long talk and negotiating. like telling them about other car that is slightly "better" or has better mpg or features. sit there and talk for a while i mean awhile where he has invested a long time and energy in you. then pretend to leave. tell them, i think i will go with the other car. usually does it for me.
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