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Originally Posted by candronaco View Post
I have read through this thread several times and i feel that i must bring a specific subject back up. I recently purchased an 06 STI. I am doing the trunk (with a dynamat kit due to my lack of knowledge of ricks existence until now lol). The trunk on the STI looks like a nightmare. I specifically need help with the lid. Am i supposed to cover the holes that access the wing bolts? Any STI trunk lid specific pictures would be great if someone has a few.

Oh and i emailed you rick, but figured you might be to busy to reply right now.
I just did my trunk lid with Dynamat and Ensolite. I'll be buying RaamMat if my leftovers aren't enough to do the rest of the trunk. Anyway, I took off the factory trunk liner, matted and ensolite-ed the whole thing, cutting out holes for the trunk release and double matting the pass through holes for things like taking off the spoiler, etc. Then I just put the factory liner back on. Not sure if that's the best idea, but it basically looks 100% stock, except a couple little areas where the ensolite peeks out (same color as trunk liner so it isn't really noticible). If you do it that way, I'd just line up the factory liner where it goes, then use the holes in the liner where the plastic fastener pins go as a guide. I just fished around with a screwdriver (carefully) until I found where the hole was, then punched the screwdriver through the dynamat and through hole in the lid, then put the plastic fastener back in. I'd share pictures but there isn't anything to look at that you wouldn't see in your own trunk except a couple little squares of ensolite peeking out. Now I'm sorry I didn't take pictures of the process.

Do you have the kicker sub that is a Subaru option? That's what I have and it sounded like trash (IMO) at anything more than -5 bass, -6 on some songs. Even at those levels some songs sounded really muddy. Just from doing the trunk lid I can safely turn the bass to -4 (which is enough punch for me) and I haven't found a song that sounds muddy. Songs with really crisp thumping bass sound even better. My next step when I feel like getting back to it is the area right behind the sub. Since the sub is side mounted on the driver's side of the trunk, I figure that has to be a big help.

General questions for anyone...since I went with the factory option sub, it's clear I'm no audiophile. However, I was thinking of replacing the head unit with a Pioneer AppRadio. Apparently you can mirror any android phone's screen on it with little difficulty. 1) Would I see a sound quality difference without replacing speakers? 2) Would it be easy to get the sub working, or is the factory sub non-standard in some way? I've done head unit/speaker installs before but never in a system with a sub. I'd obviously want the sub to work, but the AppRadio also has a user setting for crossover freq. That's something I think might help a lot so I'd like to make sure that worked. Any advice?
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