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Originally Posted by Dalessio View Post
LED tech has developed leaps and bounds in the past few years, plug and play bulbs for headlights/fog lights were super expensive 3ish years ago and now are maybe $50-60 for very high quality ones. It's definitely developing extremely quickly, which is awesome!

For sure haha, sometimes there are things in life that take priority. And in all reality, I had planned on selling the GR before I got the VA, but it just never happened and it's been a while now.

And there are definitely parts of the GR platform that I prefer. The seats come to mind immediately, although I know most people prefer VA seats. I still prefer the look of the GR exterior styling, and the classic rumble from the EJ is something that I will always miss but at least STI owners have it (take that as a plus or minus lol). But overall the VA is much more comfortable of a ride, the interior is MUCH more refined and updated, the FA delivers power much better, and while I feel like the VA handles much better...I felt more connected to the road in the GR. I don't know how to describe it, but when IAG asked how I felt about each platform, I tried to describe it that way and they knew exactly what I was talking about lol, so there's that.
Agreed. It's pretty easy to get a quality LED bulb under 100 these days. I remember back when I had the WRX, I never even considered them because they were either crazy expensive or the output just wasn't there yet. Not to mention how many ballasts and wires you needed to get them to work properly. Now it's as simple as a normal halogen bulb. I love it!

Oh absolutely, there are pros and cons to each platform. I think the GR looked more aggressive in terms of how wide the fenders looked compared the the VA. I think I actually prefer the overall look of my WRX exterior wise than I do of my current STI. Put an FA20 and the 15+ interior into the GR and you'd have a perfect car, IMHO.

I did get a chance to drive both the new WRX and STI back to back and found both to be very different driving experiences. The STI felt way more raw and angry where the WRX felt more refined and soft. Both gearbox and brakes felt softer on the WRX, which is to be expected. However, my wife did prefer the ride of the WRX since it was much more comfortable and you got a ton more features for the same money. But in the end, I wanted something fun again and while the WRX was plenty fun, I found the STI to be what I was after at this point in my life. I will always love the EJ rumble and it's been an absolute pleasure owning another one. I'll see what the 2020 STI does and by 2021, I may be ready for that new motor. Either way you can't go wrong with either choice.

But yes, agreed on all points that the VA feels better overall. Even opening the doors is a night and day difference. Feels way more solid on the VA and has a nice feel to them. Interior noise is way less than my WRX and overall just feels way more solid inside and out. Materials used (dash specifically) is a nice upgrade. Not the best material as I find it to be a little too rubbery, but it's worlds better than the plastic they used in the GR. I much prefer the seats in the VA than the GR. Especially the "alcantara" centers in the STI. Hold me in way better than the cloth WRX seats did. Only gripe is I wish you were able to lower the seat a bit more.
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