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Well, I got it in the car an hour ago and WOW! I'm very impressed. I've only driven it 11 miles so I think it's got some more learnin' ta do, COBB said it'd take a day or two to do wat it needs to do. But I'm happy with it NOW.
The wierdest thing is the smoothness. I know everybody keeps sayin' this but it's true. Things even SOUND smoother. My TXS t-back sounds awesome now! Even the turbo sounds better!
Lag is improved tremendously. I accidentally hit the 1st gear rev limiter (something I've never done before) because it rips through 1st so quick. In fact it rips through 2nd pretty quick too. When driving along with traffic, in 3rd or 4th gear, so much more power is on tap, part throttle. It is very enjoyable to drive-I remember when the car was stock, the lag kinda wears on you after a while in daily traffic-not now.
I have yet to get the car on the highway but I can tell it'll be fun.

Now some questions.

To those of you with the Stage 2 91 AccessECU at 5,000 ft. or above, what is your pressure reading?

And, I have a TXS short-ram (ya know, the one TXS swears won't mess with the MAF) and I'm wondering if I should take it off and put the stocker back on. COBB hasn't had enough experience with this intake yet to give me a solid suggestion. And TXS won't tell me either because it's not their engine management. I don't have an A/F guage and don't plan on getting one. So, should I leave on the intake? Anybody been in my exact situation with an A/F guage or a meter of some sort?


Another VERY satisfied ACCESS ECU owner!!!!!
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