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Why purchase a new 2.2 Turbo Block? The pistons while being moly coated are cast, not forged, this is the first weak point. Next would be the rods, aftermarket pieces are available as well.

What would I do? Or should I say, what am I planning on doing? Salvage yard 2.2 turbo motor, short block would be o.k. It is a known fact that a good "seasoned" block is better than a brand new block. Why? through the continous heat cycling during normal useage the block becomes effectivily "stress relieved" at the molecular level, making it a more stable starting point. Next replace the pistons/rods with aftermarket forged units and attach them to the factory crankshaft which is said to be bulletproof. The cylinder heads are the appearant restriction, several upgrades are possable including: 2.5L DOHC, and I am not certain but I believe some of the STi heads have a thicker deck and more material surrounding the ports allowing them to be ported without fear of breaking through as with the stock 2.2L turbo heads. As I recall the STi casting comes from a differant mold all together, but I am having trouble verifing this. The STi heads also come with solid lifters and differant cams more conductive to our high HP goals. The exhaust manifold on the 2.0L has been found to have larger "tubes" allowing better flow, but I think I will just send my stock 2.2L Turbo manifold out for ExtrudHoning. Turbo sizing would be the next issue to tackle...........

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