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OK…here we go

There are 4 parts to the exhaust system
-Exhaust can

I’ll work from back to front…
-Exhaust can: There are literally hundreds of options here. Several manufactures make cans specific for our cars, which would make installation a piece of cake. However you can get any can put on you want. The power gains from a can only are going to be about the same across the board. Primarily what you look for in a can is look, quality, and sound.

-Midpipe: Again there are several Subaru specific ones out there, but not as many as exhaust cans. Brullen and Stromong come to mind right away (MRT has one but I don’t know if it will mate up to the stock cats). However it is pretty easy for a shop to make one for you. There are more gains to be made from a can and midpipe combo…especially if your midpipe does not have a resonator installed. Of course no resonator means louder. Can and midpipe is the basic exhaust setup.

-Cats: Now here it gets a bit more tricky. Only the Brullen and MRT full systems replace the cats…otherwise you can buy an aftermarket high flow cat to replace your stockers. This again is easy for a shop to do, but some shops don’t want to mess around with a Federal smog device.

-Header: Options are much more limited here. The Borla header is the only one I know of that bolts onto the stock cats (Cusco or Syms headers might, but those cost a LOT of money). If you get an MRT header it comes with the cat installed. I believe the Brullen is the same way (I’m not sure however). The Borla header gives great sound, and from the reviews the Brullen does as well. However so far the MRT will give you the greatest power gain. See my review in the FAQ of the different exhaust headers (well, just Borla vs MRT)

Now there are also other issues involved here… How often you get CE lights, prices for different systems, build quality, warranties, how easy it is to get them, installation differences, etc etc…but this basically covers your exhaust system.

Perhaps someday I’ll put together a more comprehensive list with the above information…but this is it in a nutshell.

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