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Matt knows his stuff and I don't build trannys. But the suby tranny was used in a 260-280 hp oem car driving about at least 32 inches of tire width in a 3000 lb. car. Yes a kid can tear one up. There are 3500.00 gear sets available for the suby and 400.00 obx/lsds. For the rough users. A later suby tranny has better metalurgy in the gears than the earlier ones. The legacy gears are a typical upgrade to the wrx tranny. When these trannys are put in a light single axle car they should hold up good. No adapter, no expensive 200mm clutch and flywheel. But the bremar conversion and possibly the axle flanges for the 100mm porsche cv's that porscharu is currently getting together another group buy on the club narp forum is a cost. Also a aftermarket or homebuilt shifter is a good idea. Actually the bremar could be home made with a little engunity. You are locking the upper and lower shafts together (removing a center differential and using it's parts welded together) and making a block off plate to cover the rear driveshaft hole while making a hole for the shift shaft to protrude. I have some 901's and some 914 trannys and they are fine for type 1 and type 4's but I like the idea of no adapter as I have used adapters before and there is always a compromise when they are used.
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