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Subaru Stars '98 Impreza L Coupe: Progress Report - Speaker swap + Supertones + more..!

Vehicle- 1998 Subaru Impreza L Coupe
Current system - stock front speakers, aftermarket rear speakers, no tweeters, aftermarket head unit, amplifier kit installed, no amp or sub installed at the moment
Music Choice- Hip Hop & Jazz
Music Style - Def
Installer - Just me until I hire someone with more skills than I.
Installer experience - I can install speakers with a clear line of sight... running cables into the frame of a car, not so much. I know how to solder, and I am learning to use a multimeter.
Budget - "Low budget, high quality"
Future Goals - Install the sub and the amp, custom make a sub box, add tweeters, something to keep level during sharp turns, tint, alarm, new tires, and simple performance upgrades in the engine (TBD)
Reference - I like bass notes rumbling my solar plexus. I demand more of that feeling.

Now that that is out of the way - I am going to share my latest updates with my speaker swap... its totally incomplete and always a work in progress.

I got the car with a basic aftermarket Pioneer head unit and a nice old set of stock speakers. I was surprised to see how 1998 sound systems looked.. all vintage and cheap like its from 1973. And I extracted a Dual set (pun intended) of 6.5" speakers that came with my previous car for possible use later. Down the line, my Shadowbox and I met and I was quick to slap those new speakers on her rear (deck). Crappy speakers, but when you don't pay for anything in that situation, you don't complain.

Now I have ordered a couple new things to use.
-A pair of SoundStream SF-652T
-A pair of Hella Supertones (anxiously waiting on a package to be delivered right now (COME ON USPS!))

My amplifier is in the local shop and I am anxious about that too, but I'm happy to have a LOCAL "electronic surgeon". I am not so happy to only have ONE, but if I didn't have the one, I'd probably be out of a SoundStream Rubicon 302 for a very long time.

Anywho, here are the stages of progress I photographed in the middle of my install yesterday. I realized about halfway through it all that I might want to document what I'm doing to share with folks.

If I were to pose a question, I'd ask this: What's the best way to put new holes into the rear deck for the speakers I'm installing? They have 4 holes for the installation, but the factory equipped the car with three holes. So for now, I have screwed the one screw in very tight (not at the breaking point though) and added some cheap foam for temporary(!) padding. It looks piss poor, but I'll be darned if the connections I soldered aren't clean. Hence why it's a work-in-progress at the time.
The answers that I'm toying with are to get self tapping screws, but since it's metal, I think I need a good ole power drill or something.. Drill small hole, insert screw to fill in? Advice on this, anyone?

I didn't get all the way to the front door speakers yet, but I'd like to know if I should be removing the entire plastic door panel from the metal door for this operation, or is that overkill? Perhaps a surgical method of opening the bottom flap of the door panel and finagling up in the goods of the doors would be more preferable?

Thanks in advance for browsing my post
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