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Hello people. Update for you.

I am in the workshop again in the middle of the process... this time, installing the Supertones! I'm hella excited to have these things. I grabbed 14 gauge wire for the operation, I plan on using the relay and whatnot... I just had to really look through the innards of my car before I made any drastic moves. I took out the battery so I could really see what wiring was done, and there are a few wires that have been left.. just, unplugged. Like- what were you about to connect to the car that probably needed that connection??? But something nearby it and taped together in a bunch of wires completed the possible connection it went to..So it could be valid.

And I'm learning that I have an alarm system in the car, but it's not connected at all. I can unlock and lock the doors with the remote/fob but I am not able to have any type of alarm activate. But there is a box near the pedals that has something dedicated and labeled with "Subaru" and "Alarm"... so...... >.< I need that fixed now. Any tips?

But I'm here to post that I have found a decent home for the supertones in the engine bay. And the original horn that came with the car.. will stay with the *'in car. I need to express some of the negativity that has bonded that bolt holding the horn from 98 on the car from 98... fair game, 1998. I will give in to that. But thankfully there is an open space on the opposite side of the engine bay... (I hope I'm using that term correctly..) So I am going to mount one to the side of the inside and the bottom of the inside.. and instead of having a sound blast directed forward at the target, I will have more of an echoing proximity explosion of sound erupting from the hood.

I can dig it.

ALSO: I have actually seen the torn covers for something very critical on my axles (i think)... and now I really believe the mechanics recommending the operation.. I don't always trust mechanics unless I can see what they're talking about....
And... I cleaned off some of the dirty plastic connected to/around the engine. Looks better. I am excited to have this car and I look forward to making it perform better. Now about to look at the air filter.. Did not occur. Somehow seems more difficult to open and view than the one on my Corolla.. Odd. Anyway, I'm on to measuring out the wires I'm going to connect. I also may need some wire shielding after I'm done.

More later.
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