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Originally Posted by BryanH View Post
I can't find the paper from the alignment shop. But I do remember that it was 0 toe.

I am also anal about tire pressures being 36 front 34 rear and rotations EVERY oil change.

Seeing as how this is such a common problem on tire rack I know it isn't just me...kinda sucks because the tires still had another 30k worth of life.
ok...toe is fine....what whas the camber???

you may need to alter that to get best results

I think you had too little negative camber and ate the outside edge of the tire which caused this

these cars will eat the hell out of the outside edge of the front tires in a heartbeat without enough negative camber and THAT will cause your noise issue, no doubt

There is a HUGE wives tale circulating that negative camber eats CAN but with these cars it is VERY difficult to get that much negative camber and WAY-WAY too many here run WAY too LITTLE negative camber(or have toe issues) and have issues with eating tires/noise.
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