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It's a government conspiracy. Huge cover-up. Fake news. Bots bidding on fake listings. "ALIENS"
Hey you suka blyat, don't bash on my BTC. I'm pretty good with what I have right now :-). But ya your right, lots of fake bids to manipulate the market price.

One important point to make is that these sites have literally ZERO incentive to honestly represent when a buyer is totally fake and ghosts, ZERO. Their incentive is to portray as high a price as they can whether it really happened or not.
Dude in Nigeria bids it up to 50 grand and bails, doesn't matter. The site spits out the ad sheet that says "such and such just sold for $50k"

No different than a dating site that leaves up profiles of chicks that haven't signed on in 2 years.

At least the listing posted above makes a shred of sense, not much but a shred. 1900 miles is on a whole different level than 15,000
15,000 is just a relatively low mileage used car
Yap, that's what I have been trying to explain to the kids on here. MARKATING, plain and simple. And I really don't get the whole hatch think, I ****ig hate hatch backs with all my might. I must be getting old.
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