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Originally Posted by CoronaWRX View Post
I agree, at least with early STI's, I think we'll soon start seeing a demand for stock examples in good condition.

Check out these articles from Sports Car Market "It's Time to Buy a WRX or STI" & Hagerty's & Revenge of the rally cars: Subaru's Impreza WRX STI and Mitsubishi's Lancer Evolution are gaining market traction
This. And I was posting here 2 years ago that THEN was the time to get low mileage 1-2 owner original(3" exhaust at the most mods) GD STI's before they get the attention of collector enthusiasts, but that ship is sailing this year with the talk of the next gen and EJ257 being retired.

The GD's are instant classics as a result of the changes coming in 2022. Prices are going to go up starting NOW and all of 2021 and they are going to get bought up by collectors looking for GD's with no accidents, clean titles, 1-2 original owner low mileage stock examples. I'm guessing GD's like this will be selling for 25-30,000 in 6 months and will just climb from there. The demand for original, low mileage, stock STI hatches is the same story.

The attrition rate for the GD's and the Hatches is also playing a role in the accelerating values of these cars. How many times over the past 5 years have we seen nice examples of these cars get parted out because the engine blew from excessive mods or owners who didnt appreciate these cars abusing them. Now there are probably at LEAST 30% of the GDs STI's and hatch STI that were built that are gone forever stripped down and parted out. Then subtract from that the ones that are left that were modded to the hilt or turned into street strip cars...or have 200,000 miles with original engines that were blown and replaced with moded EJ's etc. Now subtract from that these models that were totaled in accidents.

Fact is these cars are RARE now in good original low mileage condition for all those reasons. The underlying driver in value above and beyond the rarity now, is the incredible influence the GD STI's had on the performance car market industry when they came out. What that means is that the GD STI's are now "MILESTONE" cars. Rare, low production to begin with BEFORE we even talk about the attrition rate over the past 17 years, and outstanding performance for the generation they were introduced and extended that performance reputation well beyond.....

and here we are in 2021....they are now collectors items.
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