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How to PROPERLY BURP your cooing system
These instructions can be found in your Subaru Owners Manual

What you will need:
1) Coolant 50/50 Pre-mix
2) Old towel or rag
3) Time
4) More Time

At no time does this say to open the radiator cap, doing so will compromise the burping of the coolant system

1.) Check Fluid level in both the Radiator Resevoir and the Turbo Coolant Res ( Metal tank over the TI)
2.) Fill Radiator Resevoir to the full line
3.) Top off the Turbo Resevoir
4.) Replace Caps
5.) Place car in "N"
6.) Strat car and turn on Defroster to High and Heat
7.) Hold RPM's to 3000 for 10 minutes (do not worry if Temp Gauge Rises)
8.) Turn car off to "ACC" until "C" cool
9.) Use the towel to carefully open the Turbo Coolant Resevoir
10.) Top off Turbo Resevoir
11.) Fill the Radiator Coolant Resevoir to the Full Line
12.) Replace caps
13.) Repeat steps 1-12 until no further coolant is added to either tanks.

** This proceedure will take you approx 50 minutes after a Turbo upgrade
This proceedure will take you longer than you think with just a small am mount of coolant loss.
Do not open the radiator unless you have just removed all fluids from your car. If that is the case fill radiator to the top and replace cap and follow the rest of the instructions.
** On 03's and older there is no radiator cap so you will have to fill the radiator during a complete cooland change via the top radiator hose. Just get as much as you can in and then follow the steps above.

*** Nowhere does it say to squeeze the radiator hose, use a funnell in the radiator filler hole, put air into the coolant resevoir, squeeze and watch the coolant rise as the T-stat opens or any of the other shade tree mechanic techniques.
This is by the book, any other steps incorporated can be dangerous to you and or damage the car.

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