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Default MY06 help

Hello guys,
First off, thank you for all the info in this thread it has been very informative and helpful. I am trying to un brick my MY06 WRX and i think i have my board and connections done correctly but i think my .bin file might be wrong. i have tried programming both with ECUFlash and the Renesas FDT 4.09 below is the read-back i get from ECU Flash:

[11:46:20.303] J2534 API Version: 04.04
[11:46:20.303] J2534 DLL Version: 1.02.4798 Jun 13 2016 17:17:10
[11:46:20.303] Device Firmware Version: 1.16.4769
[11:46:20.303] Device Serial Number: TA3PWfF6
[11:46:24.942] sending bit rate sync bytes...
[11:46:26.836] no bit rate adjust response
[11:46:26.843] interface close
[11:46:43.452] FTDI Driver Version 2.12.28
[11:46:44.466] sending bit rate sync bytes...
[11:46:44.587] received bit rate adjust response
sending boot command
[11:46:45.113] got boot response
[11:46:45.255] 1 supported device(s):
[11:46:45.262] 0601 HD64F7058
[11:46:45.279] selecting device 0601
[11:46:45.534] 1 supported clock mode(s):
[11:46:45.541] 0
[11:46:45.553] selecting clock mode 0
[11:46:45.812] 2 supported clock type(s):
[11:46:45.819] 1 ratios for clock type 1
[11:46:45.827] x4
[11:46:45.835] 1 ratios for clock type 2
[11:46:45.842] x2
[11:46:45.982] 2 supported clock frequency range(s):
[11:46:45.990] 1 20000000-40000000
[11:46:45.998] 2 10000000-20000000
[11:46:46.134] 1 user boot MAT area(s):
[11:46:46.141] 1 00000000-00001fff
[11:46:46.284] 2 user MAT area(s):
[11:46:46.292] 1 00000000-0007ffff
[11:46:46.299] 2 00080000-000fffff
[11:46:46.440] programming unit is 128
[11:46:46.572] one MAT programming supported at 00000000
[11:46:46.585] setting baud rate to 62500
[11:46:46.850] there are more memory areas in this CPU that will be erased than the ROM file you have has data for. write process aborted.
[11:46:46.873] interface close

And this is the feedback from FDT 4.09:

OS: Windows 7 [Non-Admin]
FCF Settings Applied: SH/7058F, (C:\Program Files (x86)\Renesas\FDT4.09\kernels\ProtC\7058\Renesas\1 _0_00\)
FDT API initialised: version 4, 09, 02, 000
Clock Frequency (External) = 10.0000MHz, Clock Mode = 0, CKM = 4, and CKP = 2
Connecting to device 'SH/7058F' on 'COM3'
'BOOT Mode' connection - using emulated interface
Opening port 'COM3' ...
Loading Comms DLL
Loaded Comms DLL
Initiating BOOT SCI sequence
Attempting 9600
Received immediate response from device: 0xE6
Detected generic boot device
Sending inquiry for getting line size
Buffer size has been set to default (128 bytes)
Sending selection of device command
Selection of Device - Device selected, code 0601
Sending selection of clock mode
Sending selection of clock mode
Selection of Clock Mode - Clock selected, code 0
Changing baud rate to 57600 bps
Set baud rate value = 57600
Determining block usage
Connection complete
Warning - download 06WRX stock dada.bin file which exceeds the flash ROM size of SH/7058F device.
Processing file :"C:\Users\surpip06\Desktop\06WRX stock dada.bin"
Loading image file : 'C:\Users\surpip06\Desktop\06WRX stock dada.bin'
Operation on User Flash
Loaded the Write operation module
Writing image to device... [0x00000000 - 0x000010FF]
Writing image to device... [0x00001180 - 0x000020FF]
Writing image to device... [0x00002180 - 0x00096E7F]
Writing image to device... [0x000BD980 - 0x000BEEFF]
Writing image to device... [0x000BF180 - 0x000BF4FF]
Writing image to device... [0x000C0180 - 0x000C96FF]
Writing image to device... [0x000C9700 - 0x000D0AFF]
Writing image to device... [0x000DB980 - 0x000DC67F]
Writing image to device... [0x000DF980 - 0x000DF9FF]
Writing image to device... [0x000FFC80 - 0x000FFCFF]
Writing image to device... [0x000FFD00 - 0x000FFFFF]
Data programmed at the following positions:
0x00000000 - 0x000010FF Length : 0x00001100
0x00001180 - 0x000020FF Length : 0x00000F80
0x00002180 - 0x00096E7F Length : 0x00094D00
0x000BD980 - 0x000BEEFF Length : 0x00001580
0x000BF180 - 0x000BF4FF Length : 0x00000380
0x000C0180 - 0x000C96FF Length : 0x00009580
0x000C9700 - 0x000D0AFF Length : 0x00007400
0x000DB980 - 0x000DC67F Length : 0x00000D00
0x000DF980 - 0x000DF9FF Length : 0x00000080
0x000FFC80 - 0x000FFCFF Length : 0x00000080
0x000FFD00 - 0x000FFFFF Length : 0x00000300
680.25 K programmed in 141 seconds
Image written to device

Both say that my original file is too large. but this is the stock file i pulled from my car before my computer crashed during tuning. Dose anyone have a stock file for SH7058 the would be willing to send me? or any suggestions for me to try? I also tested the outputs coming out of my board i have 144Hz come out going to P407 have correct power and ground and have continuity between the TX/RX to the 232 chip. thanks for the help

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