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With the exception of that stock caliper flex comment, the advice above is all good.

I got the SS brake lines for 2 reasons. 1. I wanted a firmer pedal feel. It makes it easier to heel-toe downshift. My brake pedal now firms high enough to allow me to cover both the brake and gas with one foot. 2. I (used to) rallycross alot and I wanted a little protection for my brake lines. I've had branches and rocks and crap get stuck up in my wheel wells and I didn't want to cut a brake line.

I also have a mild race pad on my stock brakes. I did this because I felt that the stock pads were _too_ grabby. I wanted a more linear feel to my brakes. On the stock pads, as soon as you touch the brakes, you get immediate stopping power. It can be a little too much if you just wanted to shift the weight of the car or slow down a little. They can be a little exciting the first time you hit them on a cold morning if you forget. I usually drag them a little on the way out of the subdivision.

You might look into EBC Greenstuff pads. I have no experience with them, but if their advertising is to be believed they're a good autocrossing pad and don't require any warm up.

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