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you're moving the brake pedal the same distance,
No, actually, I'm not. That's what I was trying to say above:

My brake pedal now firms high enough to allow me to cover both the brake and gas with one foot.
Sorry, that might not have been very clear. The pedal firms up with noticably less travel. It makes it easier for people with less then size 11's to put one side of the foot on the brake and one side on the gas. It's not the reason I got them, just a happy side effect. (I had actually put on aluminum pedals and offset the brake to be closer to the gas to help heel-toe downshifting, but I was a bit dissapointed until I put the brake lines on. It just made it easier for me and it might be a perfectly valid reason for someone to spend $100 on silly SS brake lines.)

The actual reason I got them:
I (used to) rallycross alot and I wanted a little protection for my brake lines. I've had branches and rocks and crap get stuck up in my wheel wells and I didn't want to cut a brake line.
Off road! Which, it appears, I mentioned first.

(Sheesh, nobody listens around here until Subie Gal says it.)

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