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Unhappy P0340 & P0420 Car is Dead

2008 Impreza 2.5 sedan
Stock exhaust and engine

Hey guys, sorry if this has been addressed already, but I didn't see anything directly relating to my problem and I am short on time.

My car died yesterday while driving in the middle of the interstate. I didn't hear any loud noises but the road noise was high. The car just shut off going up a bridge and I coasted to the bottom of the other side. When I turn the key it sounds like the starter is working but the engine isn't turning over. I thought maybe it had something to do with the timing belt but I haven't been able to look yet. I replaced it around 100K and the car currently has about 168K.

As far as the P0420 a few months ago the car was running rough and loud and I took it to a shop. The flanges just before the mufflers were rotted and they replaced them with some welded sections. Seemed to run fine after that up until now. The code started a little more than a week ago and I figure my catalytic converter is shot but it was driving alright.

Yesterday morning the P0420 code was still on when I drove to work (about 51 miles). When I parked the car it smelled hot. I checked the oil and it was low. I just did an oil change about a month ago, so something is leaking. I put more oil it in and got it where it's supposed to be. I was going to check it again when I got home but I didn't make it.

So my question is... are these things related? Where should I start? If I take it to a shop then it needs to be towed and I need to make sure they can do everything at once. If I try to diagnose it at home then I'm going to have to get a rental car. It's kind of hard to assume which will be cheaper. Some people tell me bolt on exhaust systems are something I could do myself in my garage, but I've never done anything on exhaust systems before. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
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