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Originally Posted by NeverGoingback View Post
Very Nice build! Just a question for you but what was the injector duty like on E85? I only ask because I am running an almost identical setup, minus the Dom 2.5. Im running a blouch td06 20g xtr, and Cobb 1000cc injectors. My tuner only felt comfortable running them up to a little less than 90%. The car put down 390 on 91 @ 23psi, and 411 on E85 @ 17 psi. I was told that I would need 1000+ injectors to run more fuel on e85, but here you are running a bigger turbo and the same size injectors
We typically run out of fuel on stock stock fuel system with 1000cc injectors and a pump around the 430-440whp mark. With a better regulator with a higher base pressure and a pump that will support the pressure we have seen just over 500whp on 1000cc injectors on true E85 on Subarus.

The 477whp pull was 96% injector duty cycle at about 12.0 AFR at redline. As we were turning it up, 440whp and a little richer was 93% IDC for reference. With a good quality injector like the ID stuff we run in our Subaru's and GTR's we have always had good results running them at high pressure and high duty cycle.
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