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Thumbs up no tire wear

That's good to know Gtguy. I just spent a fortune on my Michelin Pilot Sport A/S tires and my concern was rear tire wear more then anything else. I have read negative camber in excess of -1 will cause excessive wear on the inside shoulder of the tires. If this is not the case I will not bother with the rear camber bolts. The MRT WRX Training book is pretty darn convincing about having less negative camber in the rear then the front, stating that extra rear negative camber causes excessive understeer. I can not concur since after adding the 20mm rear swaybar I feel no understeer during street driving. Tire wear was my concern. Did you look closely at the inside shoulder of your rear tires to see if there is more wear there?

Side note: Are the P1's the same as OZ Superleggras? Do they also weigh 15 pounds per 17" wheel? Are they cheaper and where did you get them? What do the P7's weigh?
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