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You can find the factory specs in your owners manual

The rear camber in you wrx is with in spec.

Having that much neg camber in the rear, really wont wear the inside edge of the tires...for the simple fact that they dont turn.

When you have that much in the front the inside edge wears faster cause the wheels turn...and they toe out on turns, 'dragging' the inside of the tire, The more neg camber the more the tire 'drags'

I always try to match my front and rear camber. Without going oover -1.0 degree in the front.

What gtguy said will work but you most likely will only get .10 - .20 adjustment out of that.

Having rear camber closer to 0, ie. less negative, will induce oversteer

The ammount of understeer will change a little but not much, it will just be easier to rotate the car with less neg camber in the rear, especially with a turbo car, on tight turns when the turbo spools up.

this is the reason why there is so much neg rear camber from the factory. Manfactures use the 'emergency lane change' test. They dont want the car oversteering into the barrier because some one had to avoid being cut off...(most of this is based using middle age women drivers). To make the car 'neutral' in this situation, it produces understeer at lower speed hard turns.


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