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Yesterday NF dropped a new clutch disc in for me. Last time at the track I did around 10 bunouts + launches (on slicks) and then on one of my passes the clutch wouldn't disengage after I got off the line. I got it out of 1st, but it wouldn't go into 2nd. I eventually got the clutch to disengage and got it back in gear but it was really rough whenever releasing the clutch. Especially from a stop in 1st. I drove the car home and after a few more starts it smoothed out mostly.

NF had experienced a similar occurrence with their Speeding Bullet STI a few years ago and suspected the clutch had welded itself and then eventually pulled apart chunks of the disc. Based on this, the decision was made to replace my disc before the Proving Grounds event this weekend. Once the clutch came out, it was confirmed that mine had experienced the exact same thing as the Speeding Bullet. The disc had chunks missing and he pressure plate had parts of the disc embedded into it.

The flywheel was replace with a freshly resurfaced one, the disc was replaced with a new ACT 4 puck solid disc, and the pilot bearing and throw out bearing were also replaced. Also drained fluid and refilled. The chunks were removed from the pressure plate and it was re-installed. It has some obvious hot spots but no major cracking or warping and should be fine to use. I'm hoping this will get me through this season and then I'll probably end up with one of the triple disc clutches next year.

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