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Originally Posted by Devilchrist View Post
Seems liek there's a Lot of repeated questions of rattles.

So I'll just list what I got from various threads.


1. Steering column rattle - This seems like it's the Cruize control button.
Solution - Take stalk apart, remove button, spring and ball, stretch spring. reinsert. no more rattle

2. Rear window rattle - This seems to be the seat bracket
Solution - Take the reat seat back out. The center latch on the seat rattles against the hook bolt. Put some dynamat or some durable thick rubber on top of the bolt head. *note* i put dynamat, it worked for a few months.. but it wore through.. and started ratteling again.. next will be piece of thick leather.

3. passenger Door rattle - this seems to be wiring rattleing against the inner door panel or the cover. Use some sticky foam and wrap wires..

4. wagon spare tire rattle thanks "sjl1614" for solution
solution - Where the spare tire "cover" sits down and rests of the plastic trim, right under there, the trim sits on metal tabs. Which is the souce of the rattle. use some foam tape on the metal tabs and the noise is gone - sjl1614

5. Drivers side door handle thanks "Flat4 STI"
solution - Drivers side door handle,where you pull the door closed would rattle. 3m double sided tape on the bottom of it where the screw pokes through.

6. Steering column top plastic rattle thanks "Flat4 STI"
Solution - 3M double sided tape,Once you take off the top piece of plastic, nearest the steering wheel theres a piece of plastic that sticks up,I used two layers to touch the column plastic pieceAlso about the middle of the steering plastic piece i put another piece of 3M there also.Kinda hard to descibe.

7. Rear deck area rattle where third brake light is "Flat4 STI"
Solution - center seat belt plastic cover in trunk was loose,the piece that covers the retract part,Silicone around top edge to hold it in place.

8. high pitch rattle behind ear thanks "gh32"
Solution - Very faint metal-on-metal high-pitched noise that took me a while to identify. Turns out it was the zipper on the passenger seat on the top of the pass-through (roughly behind where your neck is). Easily fixed with a piece of tape.

9. glove box key hole
Solution - try using some thick silicone grease? if the problem is within the lock, if its outside then, remove the unit and add 3M windows seal

10. glove box rattle thanks "hank3"
Solution - I had the glove box rattle and what I did was wrap some black electrical tape around the U-shaped bracket the door latch attaches to. That fixed the rattle


1. Seatbelt top cover rattle - I put this on unsolved because to me removing outright is not a solution.

2. Driver side A Pillar, Vent cover - put puressure on the vent cover piece by the A-Pillar and rattle stops. -
Things I tried
- siliconing the white clips..
- taping the vent cover piece to the bottom piece..
- strips of fuzzy side of velcro (helped a bit but still there)
- removing the entire vent cover

*edit you can emulate this sound by pushing down on the vent piece. repeat until you have the right speed and pressure.. the only way i see to solve this it to jam some thick cloth to maintain the pressure, or take the dash apart... i have not done this yet...

3. Steering column rattle - left wheel goes over bumps - when only the left front wheel goes over the bumps the whole steering column shutters... I dont' think there's going to be a solution to this..

4. Rearview mirror - if you have warrenty left then it's all good but what if you don't? any one have a fix for this?

anyone else like to add?

I've got one not listed... 2014 Crosstrek, there is a rattle (well, in mine at least..) right smack dab in the middle of the dash. I got mad at it once and slapped right under the hazards button and it stopped for about 15 seconds. Now I drown it out with music.
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