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Originally Posted by subydude View Post
There's a lot of other questions that would need to be answered before I'd say go wide. Personally, in autox I run 18x12's and believe wider is better, but for track driving it's more of a "it depends" type of answer. The car will benefit, yes, but you'll see other issues. You shouldn't see bump steer issues unless you change the roll center. You would see scrub radius issues, but those are not that big on track, or not as big as people say.

If cost is an issue the 17" tires are a lot cheaper, and there's a lot of 9's out there, and with a 255 you'll get a bit more feedback from the tire vs an 8.5 (not a lot).

As you add rubber, you generally add grip, which adds body roll, so you can run mildly stiffer springs, and now you're going faster so you'll see the brake system take a bit more of a beating, and then you'll see aero start to come into play which again adds speed and starts the cycle over again. Not to mention the more grip you have the more differentials come into play.

EDIT: I didn't mention engine oiling issues either. As grip goes up, so do the oiling system problems. Running 200 TW, no real aero, and not as wide of tires reduces lateral grip (obviously) and most people don't see as much oil starve on track. On big tires, aero, lots of optimized bits, you'll start to see people burn up engines as they put more G loads through the car.

All of that to say, grip is good, more grip is better, but it's part of a system so just adding really wide rubber isn't going to make the car super fast. It will go faster, but you'll start running into other issues and until you develop it as a system you won't be able to really take advantage of 10's on up. Hence my recommendation for 9's and 255's while you get the rest of the car sorted.

So I've been planning on picking up an extra set of wheels do to some track days and AX in my '05 WRX wagon on stock suspension. I'm planning on swaybars before then as well.

You don't think I'd see any oiling issues running 225ish RE71R or other sticky 200TW 'street' tire? Probably sticking to 7.5"-8.5" rim width to stay on the cheaper side of most used wheels in the area. My other car has seen years of track duty and AX on 200TW tires with a stock pan/oiling system, and been fine, but certainly not an apples to apples comparison.
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