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the tranny seems to have a double cone synchro in first gear because i can get into it quite easily compared to the wrx without double clutching or rev match (but i always rev match regardless). but reverse does not seem to have a synchro because it locks me out sometimes, but not as bad as the wrx.

the gear ratios are shorter. i am in 5th gear at 45 mph! i wish 5th gear was taller since i do 90% highway driving. it really seems that the baja turbo 5sp is seriously rigged for performance with all these short gears. it is like the sti's gearbox, except that it dont have 6th gear (which i wish it did).

the throws are not as long as i thought they would be. i had the short throw option on my wrx, so it was shorter, of course. but i am surprised with the throws in the baja. the throws are short enough that i dont miss the short throw shifter in my former wrx.

i had the boost gauge installed by the dealer just recently (which was part of the deal) and i was delighted to find it that it installs on the right hand side of the steering column just like the 03 wrx. i hated the fact that the new wrx models have the boost gauge at the left hand side.

i have 1,057 miles on her now and i just started doing some high rev spirited driving. it seems like she added a few more ponies after the break-in period.

i am only getting 20.57 mpg as of this last fill-up. i hope the mpg increase as she breaks in some more. i am really hoping to hit 25 mpg (as i did with the wrx) since my daily commute consists of 90% highway driving.

overall i am quite happy with the baja. it is a much smoother ride than the wrx. i noticed that the "bounce" that is associated with the wrx when you let off the gas at low gears is not really noticable in the baja. maybe it is the softer suspension, or maybe the engine mounts are better. it is nice not to have that violent back and forth bounce.

first gear rips in this car. i can't wait to see what it will be when i take her in for some dyno numbers and a performance reflash. she is hitting .07 mpa (about 10 psi) at the moment in all gears. with the reflash, she will be hitting .09 mpa (about 13 psi) and make more torque. i am pretty sure she will be making 240 hp and about 265 lbs of torque.

but here is a snippet of how my deal turned out;

for those that have not taken advantage of this GTP program, you have no clue what you are missing!

the GTP letter gauranteed me $18,100 for my 03 wrx. this pretty much payed off the darn loan! this gave me a fresh start to put a down payment on the baja turbo that i was craving.

my wrx had 39k miles on her. the tires, breaks, and clutch were original and needed to be replaced, plus the oil change that was needed. all of this would have cost me $1,000 or more. so i figured, why not put down an additional $2,000 and get myself a brand new car.

so basically, i put down $2,000 and walked out with a new baja turbo that better suits my needs, AND my monthy payments remained the same, AND i have the same term length (financed my wrx @ 3.9% apr for 72 months. i financed my new baja @ 2.9% apr for 63 months), AND my insurance is cheaper!

i put down $3,000 for the baja, but since i needed the mandetory maintenance on the 03 wrx, i view it as only putting down $2,000 for the baja.

my out the door price was $24,700 and this included; all 3 nets, boost gauge, security system upgrade, auto dimming mirror and bed extender.

with the $500 subaru bucks i have comming in the mail i will be adding; splash gaurds, heavy duty floor mats, emergency survival kit, roof deflector, rear differential protector, bumber corner moldings, and wheel lock set. it shouldn't be too hard installing these myself.
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