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I'm going to venture a guess that everybody here knows what TGV's do, it's not necessary to repeat that... again.

I was talking about ... new... TGV ... additional... assignments.

An engine with no throttle plate is possible.

Here's a quotation from BMW:
"This highly advanced technology replaces the conventional throttle butterfly with a electrical mechanism that controls the amount of lift of the individual intake valves on each cylinder. Your engine is able to breathe freely, delivering better performance while using less fuel.
The performance of the engine is more efficient and immediate, thanks to the elimination of the pumping losses and air-flow disturbance caused by a conventional throttle butterfly. Instead, air can flow through the intake manifold freely, and Valvetronic precisely regulates the quantity of air entering the cylinders"

So yes, it is possible, not only possible, but one is currently in production. And the whole point of this engine is to achieve control with a method other than using a throttle. It's not semantics, it's real pumping losses savings.

Here's a quotation from Wikipedia:
"The cited gains are achieved by the precise control over the amount of fuel and injection timings that are varied according to engine load. In addition, there are no throttling losses in some GDI engines, when compared to a conventional fuel-injected or carbureted engine, which greatly improves efficiency, and reduces 'pumping losses' in engines without a throttle plate. Engine speed is controlled by the engine control unit/engine management system (EMS), which regulates fuel injection function and ignition timing, instead of having a throttle plate that restricts the incoming air supply"

As always, they base info on articles and one can research the notes that lead to the articles.

So at this point, let's go back to the FA20DIT.
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