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I did tell you that the dyno has been recalibrated since you ran that 260 wheel hp. I told you several times on several different days. I even told you not to expect to break 260 wheel hp when you came in for a reflash.

If you, or anyone else, has any questions, see:

It explains the differences in testing proceedures between now and several months ago when we first got the dyno. It also explains how a stock WRX which dyno'd a long time ago at 176 wheel hp came back since the dyno calibration and made 165 wheel hp.

The difference isn't actually due to a re-calibration of the dyno software. It had to do with standardizing the testing proceedure (intake temp sensor placement, run duration, cooldown period, etc,.) These standards, like all standards, are set over time based upon trying different testing methods. The net result of the standardization has reduced dyno numbers by a few %. I am well aware that people like seeing big numbers regardless on how slow or fast their car runs. But them there is just the facts.

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