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Alright so here is the dealio with this car. I bought the car with the alarm system in it. Don't know if the previous owner installed it or if a shop installed it. Car was a basic stage 2 2.0l wrx, nothing special. Most of the wiring he presented us with looked like it was done by a 10 year old. I recently just "finished" building the car. Now it runs on a stand alone. It was fine until the shop I brought it to found out why my ecu had a 7k limiter on it when all the parameters were set past that. So, a day or 2 after they solved that (xmas eve night) the car randomly tried to start itself with no one near the remote. Since then while the tuner was driving it, the alarm randomly started going off and the doors locked. On one occasion when I was driving home, I had to make a quick stop. I shut the car down and the starter just started turning over trying to start the car. I didnt lock or arm the vehicle and the driver side door was still cracked open. Even with the car idling the starter was still trying to turn the motor over. Once I put it in first and started driving the started stopped. As soon as I got the car home it hasnt done it since. The car has a competition twin disk clutch and they recommend disconnecting the clutch pedal switch so your not pressing on a dry thrust bearing. But its confusing because at a high rpm around 7k-7500 the car will completely cut under heavy acceleration. The tuner data logged it and the fuel delivery is perfect except that one instance where it cuts the fuel goes very rich leading us to believe its an electric cut. Could that happen with a bad alarm system w/ remote car starter?

Not sure if it could be the wiring the previous owner did/had done. If its the system itself. If it can be run with a stand alone. If the transponder is on its way out. I honestly have no clue.

Also there seems to be a constant electrical draw. Brand new battery will last 3 days if the car doesn't get ran or charged.
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