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Originally Posted by f1speeder View Post
I have Cobb Ap on my 06 WRX and tuned by CBRD.

Every 4mths my car starts to bog at 5k to 6k so I have to uninstall the CBRD map then reinstall the factory map then reinstall the CBRD map. Then the car is back to 100%.
It's like it looses tune at about 4mths and I have to re-tune it with the map.

The tune does not change no matter what unless Cobb is doing something bad to the code but its very doubtful. Now that being said your car can learn or make adjustments on the fly or over time.

I would suggest the next time you have the issue take a look at the IAM or DAM what ever Cobb calls it on the AP. It should be a 16 and not below an 8 for an early WRX. If this number falls below an 8 your car will start to go into a limp mode. Different fuel maps, timing retarded, etc. Your car can also learn long term fuel trims and apply them to the open loop portion of the map as well.

The problem with what you describe and the ECU learning is that it does not take four months to figure it out. A day or less of different driving and the car pretty much has it down. Out side temp or altitude changes as well as poor fuel will cause the ECU to make adjustments but nothing should be "corrupting" the tune. I feel the problem may not be related to time but rather an intermittent issue that may hit once in a while which then causes the car to fall into a limp mode.

The next time you have the issue let me know and we can gather some data. I would also suggest you try an ECU reset which would clear all the learned tables and set the IAM/DAM back to default. If an ECU reset doesn't clear up the issue and it absolutely requires a re-tune then I would contact Cobb since it could be a bad AP perhaps or a known bug.
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