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Default So that happened...

Okay so, good news and bad news.

Good news: The car has finally arrived!

Bad news: The car has "significant damage" and Subaru of America is busy trying to find me a replacement.

The SoA guy said that when the car was being unloaded, the shipper forgot to put down a rail. Bam, instant significant damage. The guy who talked to me said that he's been in touch with my dealer, who oddly enough hasn't called/texted/emailed me at all. I'm wondering if the guy is scared to. I'm still a bit surprised. It might wear off tomorrow.

According to the guy who called me, my car is a unicorn. In the country there are six cars with the exact options and paint color and transmission that I ordered. None are remotely close to my city. In order to help him, I told him that I'm open to just about any color other than red or white, with the grey, blue, or black at the top of my list.

Brand new car, possibly totaled. I shouldn't have read that article on MSN with the jeeps and pickup trucks that were involved in a train derailment. The shipping was probably the biggest thing I was afraid of.

Maybe I can get them to toss in a set of good all-season tires as part of an "omg we're so sorry we screwed up!!!" deal, or ask for really good interest rate for financing the car? I mean, I've *only* been waiting since the end of April.

Anyone ever had this happen to them? Not that I donít believe the guy, but should I be asking to see pictures?
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