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Originally Posted by ssubie08 View Post
Which gear is closer to a 1:1 ratio--3rd or 4th gear? If 4th is a 1:1 and you made a pull in 3rd, then the numbers are going to be high by x%.
The ratio doesn't matter at all because the dyno adjust the calculation base on the RPM and the inputed Ratio. So Tq readings will not change with different gears, but HP will because of the drag differences. But if you change the gear or number with out recalculating then it screws it up.

Originally Posted by starbux View Post
I have to give the benefit of doubt to these guys. This isn't the first WRX they've put on a dyno.... Still, there is a performance shop nearby and I'm tempted to take my 08 there and see for myself. I was skeptical too until I spent more time driving the 08MY... Certainly doesn't feel like a 175whp car.
We would love to see your results!

Originally Posted by sk8erord View Post
I'll be very interested in the 91 octane maps, as we don't have 93 here in UT. What elevation were these maps done at? I'm at 4500ft, so I'm curious if that will be an issue, also.
These maps are done at close to sea level, so mapping for you will have to wait a little while. But if you buy an AP from us, maybe we can work something out with testing a high elevation map?? Give us a ring!

Originally Posted by FLAME View Post
Hey PERRINJeff, those gains are AMAZING! I seem to be one of a small number of people that own a stage 1 2008 WRX, and I am EXTREMELY interested in this map. Cobb's stock map is great, but this looks unbelievable! 300ft/lbs without a downpipe?! Unreal! Anyway, I would buy this instantly if the 91 octane results come back good. I live in CA/AZ, and the gas sucks, however, so does Cobbs map for it. I am running the plain 91 octane map, because their ACN 91 Map is awful (throttle response is DEAD). If you guys test well on CA 91 gas, then you have a guaranteed sale from me. I cant wait
Wait until Stage 2 tuning! The 91octane is not going to be the same but still gains over the free map. If it were me, i would just move to the east coast. 93 or 94 octane baby!
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