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Originally Posted by Beyer Subaru View Post
Nope. We avoid no one. If you ever try to avoid a customer that's the one that buys on the spot. Pre-Qualifying is a big no-no in the car business...

It never pays to Pre-Qualify anyone based on anything. Everyone is my customer until they buy from me or some place else and even then you might still get the next sale depending on how you treated the customer.
Originally Posted by Crashsector View Post
We don't turn anyone away. However I will admit there are certain salespeople that are better with certain types of customers. We do what we can to shuffle around to give the best odds of everyone selling a customer...

You can search for a thread on here where I basically had to vent about my experience at Suby dealer in the area. My friend and his wife were shopping for a car as were my wife and I since our wives were preggo around the same time. Got to the dealer and we were all ignored for a good 15-20 minutes (both salesmen were less than 15 ft. away at their desks). Friend asked for a test drive of a Forester and the salesman asked a ton of questions I've never heard before. Why a Forester? What do you drive now? Where is that car? If you're car died, how do you get around? What does your wife drive? Who are the people you brought with you? etc. etc.

After about 3-4 mins of more useless questions, we left. My wife even commented that the manager on duty was smiling as we left the showroom (he was sitting by the exit door). It's all good though, because I ended up with a new Outback from Beyer Subaru and my friend got a new $33k Tiguan.

I have no idea why we were ignored and basically all but pushed out of the showroom. Another couple in their 50's came into the showroom and they were completely ignored also. If they were busy with other customers, I might understand but it looked like they were just surfing the web.

Also regarding time investment. As much as dealers don't want to waste time on customers that won't pan out, I as a customer don't want to waste time on a dealership that's going to treat me like poo. My friend wasn't subaru crazy but I convinced him to check it out and to drive all the way to Fairfax from South Riding to do so. Remember, we both had 7 month preggo wives, we all have full-time jobs with long DC commutes, thus we're all busy. What a waste of time at a dealership. It's good at least to know that there are dealers out there that will respect all customers to some degree.

Two thumbs up to you guys. If you're doing well as salesmen then you're probably doing something right.
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