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Originally Posted by BigWrecKs View Post
One guy gets rich? Who cares.

The whole system is a racket; from the exchanges, hacking, gasoline-like volatility...etc why even bother? Im not surprised that merchants havent adopted the currency probably because the lay-person wouldnt know where to start working with Bitcoins.

It is a nice fantasy money and i have many doubts it would become mainstream
"Satoshi Nakamoto" invented the whole system and then went into seclusion. He's the top of the pyramid. He could bring the whole system down at any time and make billions of dollars in the process. The whole system currently operates on trusting he won't screw everyone over.

For most other currencies the top of the pyramid is a national government. That's not to say they won't screw people over too (Cyrpus) but I'd rather take my chances with a known government than a shadowy computer programer.
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