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Originally Posted by PineyLGT805 View Post
I'm new to autocross so I am fairly unfamiliar with the rules. I work around off road trucks (I.e. Trophy trucks, UTVs etc) and allof these guys use communications as
B.)help improve lap, section times

I just thought maybe car drivers (I know alot of car racing uses them) would have a use for radios/communications
Autocross is fast, faster than anything short of F1 and some courses faster. (Before you argue, this is in inputs/min, not "speed" - think of it like you would shock speed not MPH)

Because of that, if you are listening to someone out of the car you are probably going to just end up late for your inputs. The other poster had it right when he said it would be good to be reminded to "look ahead" - other than that I jsut don't see it helping in a "regular" autocross.

Safety... perhaps if there was a red flag it could be good to have the radio as well.. but if the workers are doing their job and geting the flags waving, it's not a necessity.

On a road course yes it can be done, but there is a lot more time to breath there, so you can have moments of chatter.

Segment times? Eh.. there are so few runs in autocross it's pretty much 100% each time. It isn't likely you will benefit from, "well, cool your tires this lap cause you already messed that section up" or, "Keep digging this is a good run."

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